Discount New & Used Carpet Tile

We Sell, Buy and Recycle Used Commercial Carpet Tile

Best Selection of High Quality Used Commercial Carpet Tile
The Carpet Tile Guys have an excellent selection of heavy duty, used commercial carpet tile in many colors and patterns. We work with major commercial contractors to remove, sort and recycle select lots of used commercial carpet tile. You save by buying from the Carpet Tile Guys because we are the source!

Get Wholesale Pricing From The Source

Cut out middle men, deal with the source, save money!
No middle man keeps our prices down. We save you money on product, shipping and in many areas, can provide an authorized local contractor for installation.

We Ship Used Carpet Tile Coast To Coast USA

Get used carpet tile shipped to your facility or job site!
Since we work with major commercial carpet contractors, we have excellent shipping resources. Our customers are amazed at the savings they see even when shipping is figured into the per square foot total cost of our used commercial carpet tile.

We Sell, Buy and Recycle Used Carpet Tile

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We are interested in lots of used premium industrial or commercial quality used carpet tile. We can arrange for removal and transportation.