Two new lots of carpet tile 4.5.2013

Clean blue commercial carpet tile in two patterns, large lot!

image new inventory carpet tile guysTwo very large lots, at least 15,000 square feet each, will becoming available the second week of April. We are in the process of sorting, palletizing and recycling the scraps and cuts. To confirm color we will send samples, but do not guarantee availability as we sell this “first come, first served”. If you need a nice shade of blue, both of these would work in any commercial decor. This new inventory is well within its serviceable life span and was removed from a low use/no use area of a professional building.

Depending on the ratio of scrap to cuts, we may offer large pallets of scraps available for local and freight deliveries.

Lately we have been finding pretty decent freight rates to docks. Since we ship flooring nationwide on a regular basis, you can be sure we will get the best rate whether it is to the dock, forklift or transferred to a truck with a gate if no forklift is available.

Call 618-344-3100 or Toll-Free at 800-875-5438 to place your order.

As usual, clean used carpet tile is subject to first come, first serve, so don’t hesitate. If you anticipate a need for high quality commercial duty flooring bargains, stock up inventory is available.
image: sold clean used commercial carpet tileimage sold used commercial carpet tile waiting for trailer