Installing Used Carpet Tile is Easy FAQs!

Our clean, used commercial carpet tile is easy to install. It is very similar to installing vinyl tile, but in many cases you don’t have to glue it down. Of course room shape and size may offer some challenges, but unlike roll or broadloom carpet, commercial carpet tiles don’t need to be stretched, seamed, or have a pad installed first.

Easy installation was one of the main considerations when it came to the development of carpet tile. The problem carpet tile solved was how to replace broadloom, (or carpet that comes in rolls) in commercial buildings without disturbing the day to day operations. Traditional broadloom carpet is fine for new installations, but when you have a working commercial building with fixtures such as desks, computers, shelves and cubicle dividers, replacing worn broadloom is a challenge.

The solution, a carpet product that installed like a tile, aka “carpet tile”. Technology was developed to expedite removing broadloom without tearing down the whole commercial space and disrupting operations. Unfortunately while lifting the office equipment a few inches allows for removing broadloom, it does not allow for it’s replacement.

Broadloom is still installed in new construction, but companies that look forward, choose carpet tile because they know that in the long run, a little more expense up front will save a lot more expense when it comes to updating worn flooring.

Top Five Questions We Are Asked..

1. Do I have to use adhesive when I install used commercial carpet tile.
– Although new carpet tile is glued directly to a prepared concrete subfloor, you don’t necessarily have to glue used commercial carpet tile down in your workshop, home or business. Typically there is just enough “stickem” left on the carpet tile to secure it in place.
You may want to glue the carpet tile down in:
– high traffic areas
– areas with lots of activities
– stores or other commercial operations
– areas where equipment is moved on dollies

2. Do I need to put down a carpet pad first before installing the used commercial carpet tiles?
No, heavy duty commercial carpet tile has the pad attached and is designed to be put directly on a prepared subfloor.

3. What do you mean “prepared subfloor”
A “prepared” subfloor is one that is solid, clean, and level.
In a case where any carpet tile is to be glued onto the floor, the surface, which is typically concrete, is cleaned of dust, oils, and paint, sealed, and then adhesive is spread before laying down and aligning the carpet tile.

4. How level does my floor have to be?
One of the nice things about commercial carpet tile is that it is flexible. We have seen successful installs on basement floors that have heaved. If the subfloor features a rough texture, using a leveling compound does improve the look and wear.

5. How long would you expect used carpet tile to last?
Heavy duty commercial carpet tile life span, as with any carpet, depends on traffic, installation and of course, initial quality. The used commercial carpet time we sell is first quality, so we expect that it will be one of the longest wearing carpets you can install, especially in high traffic areas. So we can’t really put a lifespan on this product, but it is designed to stand the wear and tear of high traffic commercial applications.

By the way, we carry all the tools and supplies you need to install commercial carpet tile. If you have any questions, please call 618-344-3100