Why Install Used Commercial Carpet Tile?

Used commercial carpet tile is a very durable product removed during a flooring update. In many cases, the only areas that carpet tiles show wear are in high traffic areas. Other areas such as under desks, furniture or in little traveled areas, are in very good condition. In some cases when a building’s commercial carpet tile is updated, we remove perfectly good commercial carpet tile when only a small percentage, that in the high used or traffic areas, is

Due to production lots and exposure to light, you cannot just pull the worn commercial carpet tile, but instead have to replace all of it. The same product can vary in color from one lot to another. Also, as with any carpet, both light and how it is cleaned can cause subtle fading that would cause a new lot of the same color to stand out.

What we do is hand sort the used carpet tile to remove faded and worn pieces. This assures our customers of getting a the best match for the grade they purchases. In some cases the used commercial carpet tile that we sort and resell, has seen little or no traffic!

After sorting, we end up with various grades of used commercial carpet tile. The highest grade is a durable and inexpensive carpet to use in basements, rentals, businesses, garages, and anywhere else you would like a more comfortable and better looking floor…

Some of our customer experience have included…
– Floral shop that puts a lot of dirt into the carpet bought enough of same lot to be able to replace areas to refresh shop.
– Investment Landlords that needed inexpensive carpet for rental properties.
– Small business that needed to replace carpet on extreme budget
– Homeowner that wanted to put something inexpensive in basement playroom
– Multi-business office building with high traffic entry way tired of replacing broadloom every other year.