June 2015 Specials On Used Commercial Carpet Tile

Used Carpet Tile Blowout Offers

Following lots of good condition, used commercial carpet tile are specially priced in our warehouse. Call for remaining inventory and shipping options if not local to the St. Louis or Metro East Illinois area. Supply is limited to stock on hand.
Inventory updating daily.

Used Commercial Carpet Tile

Stock #ST0445

Used Commercial Carpet TIle

Stock #B777

Used Commercial Carpet Tile

Stock #B747

Why Install Used Commercial Carpet Tile?

Used commercial carpet tile is a very durable product removed during a flooring update. In many cases, the only areas that carpet tiles show wear are in high traffic areas. Other areas such as under desks, furniture or in little traveled areas, are in very good condition. In some cases when a building’s commercial carpet tile is updated, we remove perfectly good commercial carpet tile when only a small percentage, that in the high used or traffic areas, is

Due to production lots and exposure to light, you cannot just pull the worn commercial carpet tile, but instead have to replace all of it. The same product can vary in color from one lot to another. Also, as with any carpet, both light and how it is cleaned can cause subtle fading that would cause a new lot of the same color to stand out.

What we do is hand sort the used carpet tile to remove faded and worn pieces. This assures our customers of getting a the best match for the grade they purchases. In some cases the used commercial carpet tile that we sort and resell, has seen little or no traffic!

After sorting, we end up with various grades of used commercial carpet tile. The highest grade is a durable and inexpensive carpet to use in basements, rentals, businesses, garages, and anywhere else you would like a more comfortable and better looking floor…

Some of our customer experience have included…
– Floral shop that puts a lot of dirt into the carpet bought enough of same lot to be able to replace areas to refresh shop.
– Investment Landlords that needed inexpensive carpet for rental properties.
– Small business that needed to replace carpet on extreme budget
– Homeowner that wanted to put something inexpensive in basement playroom
– Multi-business office building with high traffic entry way tired of replacing broadloom every other year.

Installing Used Carpet Tile is Easy FAQs!

Our clean, used commercial carpet tile is easy to install. It is very similar to installing vinyl tile, but in many cases you don’t have to glue it down. Of course room shape and size may offer some challenges, but unlike roll or broadloom carpet, commercial carpet tiles don’t need to be stretched, seamed, or have a pad installed first.

Easy installation was one of the main considerations when it came to the development of carpet tile. The problem carpet tile solved was how to replace broadloom, (or carpet that comes in rolls) in commercial buildings without disturbing the day to day operations. Traditional broadloom carpet is fine for new installations, but when you have a working commercial building with fixtures such as desks, computers, shelves and cubicle dividers, replacing worn broadloom is a challenge.

The solution, a carpet product that installed like a tile, aka “carpet tile”. Technology was developed to expedite removing broadloom without tearing down the whole commercial space and disrupting operations. Unfortunately while lifting the office equipment a few inches allows for removing broadloom, it does not allow for it’s replacement.

Broadloom is still installed in new construction, but companies that look forward, choose carpet tile because they know that in the long run, a little more expense up front will save a lot more expense when it comes to updating worn flooring.

Top Five Questions We Are Asked..

1. Do I have to use adhesive when I install used commercial carpet tile.
– Although new carpet tile is glued directly to a prepared concrete subfloor, you don’t necessarily have to glue used commercial carpet tile down in your workshop, home or business. Typically there is just enough “stickem” left on the carpet tile to secure it in place.
You may want to glue the carpet tile down in:
– high traffic areas
– areas with lots of activities
– stores or other commercial operations
– areas where equipment is moved on dollies

2. Do I need to put down a carpet pad first before installing the used commercial carpet tiles?
No, heavy duty commercial carpet tile has the pad attached and is designed to be put directly on a prepared subfloor.

3. What do you mean “prepared subfloor”
A “prepared” subfloor is one that is solid, clean, and level.
In a case where any carpet tile is to be glued onto the floor, the surface, which is typically concrete, is cleaned of dust, oils, and paint, sealed, and then adhesive is spread before laying down and aligning the carpet tile.

4. How level does my floor have to be?
One of the nice things about commercial carpet tile is that it is flexible. We have seen successful installs on basement floors that have heaved. If the subfloor features a rough texture, using a leveling compound does improve the look and wear.

5. How long would you expect used carpet tile to last?
Heavy duty commercial carpet tile life span, as with any carpet, depends on traffic, installation and of course, initial quality. The used commercial carpet time we sell is first quality, so we expect that it will be one of the longest wearing carpets you can install, especially in high traffic areas. So we can’t really put a lifespan on this product, but it is designed to stand the wear and tear of high traffic commercial applications.

By the way, we carry all the tools and supplies you need to install commercial carpet tile. If you have any questions, please call 618-344-3100

Four new lots available – 500 to 3000 sq ft.

Used Carpet Tile Inventory Update

Four new lots of used commercial carpet tile are now available.
Lot sizes are:
3000 sq ft (UCT18091)
1000 sq ft (UCT18092)
1447 sq ft (UCT18093)
2000 sq ft (UCT18094)
535 sq ft (UCT18095)

If you need a large lot size, we have over 17,000 square feet of UCT18089, a deep blue pattern of used commercial carpet tile. For more information, please call 618-344-3100.

Just In: 12,000 sq ft Lot Clean Used Carpet Tile Plus Cuts

Large lot of used commercial carpet tiles now available

uct180091 used commercial carpet tileWe now have available up to 12,000 square feet in one lot of clean, used premium commercial carpet tile. These tiles have been hand-sorted as part of the process to assure buyers of our used carpet tiles get full value per pallet.

Local pickup in Collinsville, IL or Nationwide Shipping

We can ship one or 12 pallets locally or nationwide. In the St. Louis area, you can also pick up your pallets of clean, used carpet tile from our fork-lift equipped warehouse in Collinsville, IL.

Call for current pricing.
New inventory SKU: uct180091
Price and product subject to availability

Two new lots of carpet tile 4.5.2013

Clean blue commercial carpet tile in two patterns, large lot!

image new inventory carpet tile guysTwo very large lots, at least 15,000 square feet each, will becoming available the second week of April. We are in the process of sorting, palletizing and recycling the scraps and cuts. To confirm color we will send samples, but do not guarantee availability as we sell this “first come, first served”. If you need a nice shade of blue, both of these would work in any commercial decor. This new inventory is well within its serviceable life span and was removed from a low use/no use area of a professional building.

Depending on the ratio of scrap to cuts, we may offer large pallets of scraps available for local and freight deliveries.

Lately we have been finding pretty decent freight rates to docks. Since we ship flooring nationwide on a regular basis, you can be sure we will get the best rate whether it is to the dock, forklift or transferred to a truck with a gate if no forklift is available.

Call 618-344-3100 or Toll-Free at 800-875-5438 to place your order.

As usual, clean used carpet tile is subject to first come, first serve, so don’t hesitate. If you anticipate a need for high quality commercial duty flooring bargains, stock up inventory is available.
image: sold clean used commercial carpet tileimage sold used commercial carpet tile waiting for trailer

Just Arrived: Large Lots Of Clean Used Commercial Carpet Tile

April Brings New Inventory of Used Carpet Tile!

Get in line to take advantage of this deal!
image Carpet Tile Guys new inventory used commercial carpet tile being sorted.We are now in the process of inventorying, sorting and prepping pallets of a new lot of clean, used commercial carpet tile. Most of this lot is from two massive flooring remodels. Colors are dark with hints of other colors such as blue and gray. Some of this was processed for sale this weekend, so you can call us right now to set up samples or freight! [Read more…]

Simplified Pricing On Used Commercial Carpet Tile

Simplified Pricing & Nationwide Shipping!

Used Carpet Tiles Shipped by Full & Partial Pallets

Mid-West Location Makes Coast To Coast Shipping Easy!
Carpet Tile Guys has simplified pricing on its selection of used commercial carpet tiles. Pricing is .50 per square foot for “U” coded USED commercial carpet tile that is 18″ square.
Pricing is .66 per square foot for “U” coded USED commercial carpet tile that is 24″ square.
All “N” coded USED commercial carpet tile is 1.00 per square foot.

Call 618-344-3100 For Availablility of Used Commercial Carpet Tile!

Monday Through Friday 8AM till 5PM
We are closed weekends and all major holidays!

CarpetTileGuys Ships Across the Country!


1.21.2013 Used Commercial Carpet Tile Inventory Update

Used Carpet Tile Update 19,000+ Sq Ft Lot Available

Large lot available for immediate delivery and installation!
uct24066Inventory images have been updated as of January 21, 2013. Most inventory available is reflected in these images. Check back for updates. New pattern in very good, like new condition, nct24066 is available in up to one lot of 20,000 square feet. As with all, inventory is available on a first come first serve basis. This new inventory is a 24″ x 24″ commercial carpet tile in very good condition. There is special pallet pricing available. This used commercial carpet tile is extremely clean and ready to install.

We have lots available from 500 to 25000 square feet available immediately. Used commercial carpet tile is suitable for installation in commercial, retail and residential settings. Inventory is available immediately in the metro St. Louis area. We can arrange shipping of pallet-sized loads by freight. Ask about special pallet pricing. Save up to 85% over the same product new. All commercial carpet tile tools and supplies available.

For more information call 618-344-3100 Mon through Friday, 8:30AM to 5PM

12.4.2012 Inventory Update Thousands of Pieces of Clean, Used Carpet Tile!

Archview Floor’s Clearance Warehouse Is Stocked With Clean Used Carpet Tile.

Call 618-344-3100 For More information on any of the inventory you see to check if it is still in stock! Used carpet tiles are sold on a first come- first served  basis. Call for current inventory. These used carpet tiles sell fast so we do not guarantee that the images here are still available!
Archview Floors is located at 909 N. Bluff, (Route 157, 1/2 mile north of Belt Line In Collinsvile, just up for Horseshoe Lake Road. Check out our retail store for new carpet from elegant to “get it done in my rental! Our combination of price and service won’t be beat by the big box stores!